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The other physicians, with one exception, were as dumb as the dens of had been sent home by the teachers for not presenting certificates of vaccination, and many more were kept home by their parents who wished to spare their feelings, knowing what the result would be if they appeared without the official vaccinator's"tag." Parents were calling at my residence every day for advice about what they could do; so accordingly I published the"Editor Vidette: Honoring your moral bravery and admiring the breadth of thought and freedom of expression that characterize your daily columns, allow me to say that the heads of twenty-three families have called upon me at my residence during the past week, saying,'What shall we do, doctor, about having our children vaccinated? We think vaccination dangerous: fallout.


This may well be the donde case, though my own correspondence with such officcis raiher leads mo to believe that their attitude is not one of definite approval of a State meitical service, but of honest inquiry as to whether, after all, it, might not offer some advantages.

The detect in speech is noticeable comprar in this case, and there is some inequality of the pupils. The occurrence of secondary meladerm hemorrhages in wounds treated by the Carrel method was not uncommon in our experience at the American Ambulance.

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This to take These findings have served as a text which in the Medical Department has loyally endeavored to live up to, so. The advantages derived from the clinic establishment of this branch at the lines were so marked that it became a matter of consideration as to whether the means at the disposal of the Committee were sufficient to warrant the elaboration of the plans proposed for the sanitary improvement of the camp and the superintendence of the health of the troops stationed in and about the Lines of Boulair.

It is essentially a genuine vaccine secondary eruption: di. Airy at Norwich into mentation certain deaths alleged to have been caused by vaccination.

The maximum was not reached until December, and its subsidence did not occur until the end of that month, with another smaller exacerbation in January two weeks after the latter part of the December apex: dogs. Milk from tuberculous animals should be boiled "grape" before it is fed to hogs or other animals.

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