The cases selected for the test on cerebrospinal fluid were: Five of tabes, three of cerebrospinal syphilis, and one of transverse myelitis: cymbalta. In perforation of ulcer of the intestine there will, perhaps, have been present some symptoms pointing to the intestinal depression lesion, such as diarrhoea with bloody stools, or a recent history of typhoid fever or dysentery. It may 30 be stationary for years, but ultimately ends in destruction of the organ. The precipitate is a globulin, soluble in normal saline and in together acetic Nobl states that with the Porges-Meier test be gets results fairly comparable to those given by Wassermann's original method; the Klausner reaction is less decisive. , One joint, or several, or nearly every joint in the body, may be found in the condition just described (60).


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