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Market Wire, February, 2000 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Reports Second Consecutive Profitable-Return to Me

ARTIGO SOBRE RTM-(Feitiço do Coração) Governor Salutes Illinois Film Industry For Best Year EverMarket Wire, January, 2000

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY ONLINEClicks Into Bigger Audience April, 2000

Campusnut.com Return to me Gabriela Toth, Brandeis University

BBC - Peter Morris no set de The Unnatural

TV Guide Mark Nollinger TV Guide October 30, 2000

Evolution Set Report by D.M. October 24 and 25, 2000

Australian TV Guide David Duchovny on a Ninth Season

U.K. Mag Cult Times Special #15 X Appeal

Sydney Morning Herald - Heart sinks, but not for long

Australian TV Week Tea's X-cellent adventure Tea Leoni has her husband David) Transcribed by DX_FiLES_CHiCK

Juice Magazine (AUS) David Duchovny leaves Mulder behind in Return to Me

Sun Herald Romantic return to the big screen

Herald-Sun By Robert Fidgeon Wily as a FOX Transcribed by Angie K

Film Review Interview July 10, 2000 David Duchovny smiles as he explains how... Transcribed by Alfornos

Starlog Unnatural Talent July 2000

Channel 4 - Teletext (UK) June 7, 2000 The X Files star David Duchovny is about to reinvent himself

Veronica Dutch Interview 'I`M OFTEN MISTAKEN FOR SCULLY'

The Sunday Post (UK) Honest Truth Why David still watches the pennies

Televizier Dutch Interview Article courtesy of Seraphina

The Boston Herald June 18, 2000 David's participation in Season 8 of The X-Files. Thanks to Cathy

Dreamwatch Decisions, Decisions David Duchovny tells Jean Cummings

Premiere Programme(UK) 'Return To Me' will benefit the work of The Prince's Trust - Scotland. St James Palace Courtesy of Trina and Chris

Kansas City Star X' marks the question June 17, 2000 Thanks to Monica,

BBC's CEEFAX (UK) June 13, 2000 Transcribed by Rashimi

Who Weekly (AUS) So, who's the next Mr. X Courtesy of Monica

Preview Magazine (Dutch) Translated and Transcribed by Seraphina

TV Guide - Canada The Mulder Files

Erev Tov David Duchovny and Minnie Driver Interview from Isreal Transcript courtesy of Tzippy

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Radio One (UK) David Duchovny and Minnie Driver Transcribed by Nat

Big Screen (UK) Transcribed by Nat

Movie Nights (UK) June 1, 2000 Transcribed by Nat

Mr. Showbiz Did Duchovny Spill X-Files Baby News June 7, 2000

Heat Magazine The Heart of the Matter June 7, 2000 Transcribed by Amy from The Haven

TV Times - UK The Role that Would Not Die Courtesy of DD2D's Nat

Lifestyle UK David Duchovny on Fatherhood June 6, 2000 Courtesy of Lifestyle UK

The Guardian David Duchovny tells Emma Brockes about life beyond The X-Files June 6, 2000 courtesy of Shalom

The Sunday Express Transcribed by shalom147@davidduchovny.com.br

Revista Cinerama Transcribed by Shara :)

Birmingham Post (UK) From TV Hero to Romantic Lead Transcribed by KiMeriKal@davidduchovny.com.br

Il Messaggero June 2nd, 2000 Transcribed by Melissa22

Repubblica June 2nd, 2000 Transcribed by Melissa22

Agent Mulder success in the big screen. IMAGENES June 2000 Transcribed by Shara for Imagenes Magazine

The X-Factors June 2 Entertainment Weekly Transcribed by Alfornos

The Big Breakfast May 30, 2000 UK

UK Channel 4, 26th May 2000

U.K. Mirror Online Many Happy Returns Thanks to Monica,

Xpose Online Xpos May, 2000 by Ian Spelling

BBC Online Charlie Rose May 25, 2000 Duchovny's Highland fling

UK TV & Satellite Week Fox Hunting Transcribed by Chris May 20-26, 2000

Empire Online Less Mulder For Your Money

Edmonton Journal May 3, 2000 So what did David Duchovny get wife Tea Leoni for her birthday?

ABC News The Associated Press- King David

The New York Daily News- 'X-Files' Digs Up -Four Stars for Hollywwod AD

SciFi.com- David Duchovny's sheer high-wire act By Melissa Perenson

Mr. Showbiz Interview April 5, 2000 With the big-screen romantic comedy Return to Me

The Calgary Herald Duchovny Shows His Softer Side in Return To Me

AUSTRALIAN NW (New Weekly)April 26, 2000 BARKING DAD

Duchovny takes `X-Files' in new direction Courtesy of The Boston Herald

Entertainment Weekly Week 4/14/00The X-FIles Star Revs Up His Movie Career In Return to Me, But Is Mulder Down for the Count? Article courtesy of Alfornos.

Friday Guide TV Herald FOX trots Transcribed by Angie

Z95.3FM-Vancouver April 18, 2000 Transcribed by Andrea

Howard Stern Part 2

Good Morning Brazil - Globo Network April 7th 2000 Transcribed by Marcia Cossatis of the DDBB

Cosmopolitan Magazine.Bernard Weintraub David Duchovny, Secret Romantic Transcript courtesy of Alfornos

Detroit Free Press. Courtesy of TERRY LAWSON Transcribed by Alfornos.

The Hollywood Stock Exchange.

Famous Bonnie Hunt Transcribed by Angela of Mr. Duchovny

The New York Times - David Duchovny attempts the dangerous leap from TV to film.

The New York Times - David Duchovny attempts the dangerous leap from TV to film.

MOVIELINE - Coming & Going By Lawrence GrobelText transcribed by Cathy

US WEEKLY - Behind the Scenes with Minnie Driver and David Duchovny

The Washington Post Who Wants to Be A Romantic Comedy Star? courtesy of Alfornos.

David Duchovny on Conan O'Brien April 7, 2000 Transcribed by Paula T.

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The Rosie O'Donnell Show April 6, 2000 Transcribed by Julie of the David Duchovny Conservatory

Charlie Rose April 6, 2000 Transcribed by Barbara D.

Calgary Sun Duchovny expects X-Files to continue without him Article courtesy of Canoe

Cinescape - Article courtesy

'X' Tension? Entertainment Weekly Online

In Style Magazine: David Duchovny "Man of Style" Article transcribed by Alfornos

TV GUIDE - Influential TV shows

TV GUIDE 04/10/2000 Gillian Wants More X

TV GUIDE - Minnie Driver's "Medieval Disease"

TV Guide, April 5, 2000 by Jeanne Wolf

Howard Stern Promoting Return to Me April 6, 2000 (Proibida para menores)Transcribed by C

WTMX in Chicago interview with David Transcript April 6, 2000 courtesy of Susan.

KTLA (LA) Morning News Article transcribed by Mike.

David on Kevin & Bean Morning Show 2000 April 5, 2000

Late Nite with David Letterman April 5, 2000 Transcribed by Tyler.

MTV Total Request Live Transcript April 5, 2000 courtesy of Becca.

Star 98.7 Radio (LA) Transcribed by Keegr

The Today Show, NBC April 5, 2000 Interview by Katie Couric Transcribed by Julie from David Duchovny Conservatory

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno March 23, 2000 Transcription courtesy of Julie.

USA Today Q&A With David Duchovny March 8, 2000 Article courtesy of USA Today

The New York Daily News March 4, 2000 Q & A With David Duchovny

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E! News Daily Téa on the set of "The Family Man" March 2, 2000

Another "Files" Movie Article courtesy of The New York Post.

'X-Files' star angry over 'Marry a Millionaire' ratings success Article courtesy of The Sacramento Bee.

CNN Showbiz Today February 1, 2000 Transcribed by Cathy

Gary Shandling As The New Agent Fox Mulder?February 20, 2000 Article courtesy of Steve Biodrowski.

The NY Daily News by Eric Mink X Files boldly goes thru 7th season Transcribed by Alfornos.

Starburst Magazine, January 2000.David Duchovny by Jim Lloyd.

Article from Entertainment Weekly - February 18, 2000 X-Posing on the Set

Australian TV Week, Feb. 2000 Transcribed by Monica

USA Today - January 14, 2000 Duchovny, a sucker for a love story

Sunday Magazine From an Interview by Eve Lawrence. Article typed by Ally

Transcript from David's appearance on AOL - April 6, 2000

USA Weekend April 2000 The Truth About David Duchovny

Variety, May 22, 2000 Stars continue to shine, for the right price.

XF Official Magazine Double-featureThe freshness of this character that he's playing is great for the movie Return to Me.