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Duchovny Hopes DVD Brings New Life to Tenacious 'D'-David demonstra mais uma vez a sua maturidade, o bom senso e sensibilidade.

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Good Morning Arizona via live feed from Montreal -A entrevistadora não conseguia parar de rir de emoção. LOL

The Mercury-After the show went off the air, it just made sense to wait todo another movie until people actually missed it. Now, I think that we all miss it.

The Gazette- Montreal - D for Duchovny, debut - The onetime prince of paranormal on X-Files steps out as a film writer/director with the new House of D

The Province - Duchovny excited to return here - House of D creator expects to be back next year to shoot X-Files feature

David Duchovny is in a good place. Film and TV roles got his foot in the door; "The X-Files" got him rich and made him a star.

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Duchovny builds a new career with 'House of D'

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MERCURY NEWS - House of Duchovny``I'm just pursuing all aspects of the business at this point and trying to find things that are meaningful to me,'' he says.

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HOD - Creative screening

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